We all understand what it’s like returning home after a hectic day and longing for some rapid relaxation and relief from stress. Countless people prefer to opt for that swift ‘pick me up’ drink; As an alternative why not soak away your stresses? One of the finest ways you are able to sit outside and take pleasure in your back patio is to install a hot tub and let the refreshing water wash away the stresses and strains of the day. Why buying a hot tub could boost your personal wellness this year.

Ancient cultures understood the therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring hot and cold springs. The Romans constructed bath houses as they appreciated the healing power of hot springs. Hippocrates advocated drinking and bathing in spring water for its health giving properties as early as the 4th century B.C. Healing with water or hydrotherapy has been used throughout Europe since pre Christian times. There are various different types of water healing facilities existing. Hydrotherapy is perhaps the longest standing, cheap and safest options for helping with many common problems and providing relief from stress.

Thanks to the efforts of the Jacuzzi brothers; a massive spa and hot tub industry with numerous manufacturers has developed for the benefit of consumers. The brothers understood the advantages of moving warm water at an early stage and went on to develop a pump that would evolve into the jets in a standard hot tub. From these early beginnings the hot tubs of today are very high tech with the jets placed in just the right position for optimum relief.

The latest style systems can incorporate lights, TV’s, music and much more. You may even have a remote control that will switch on the tub and warm up the water. You may opt for a type of hot tub with a vertical seating position as you may not wish to be in a lounging position. Hot tubs and Spas are well suited for whole of body treatments with the water reaching about shoulder height for optimum stress relief. Your system can help provide relief for urinary and bladder conditions, minor colds and slight fevers. The duration of a dip in the hot tub should be about 20 minutes.

Hot tubs work by circulating air & warm water through a system of high pressure jets to provide beneficial stimulation of the muscles and relaxation of the body. The jets are situated to target particular muscle groups simultaneously. They may be positioned to operate in a set pattern with an injection of air which provides the bubbling, tingling effect. The jets can be concentrated to target a certain body area in a similar way to that of the hands of a massage therapist.

The therapeutic benefits of water are so obvious that it is no surprise that sales of spas and hot tubs are on the increase. Don’t let the stresses of everyday life spoil the end of your day. Just jump into a spa or hot tub and wash all your cares away.