Kendall Partners Ltd  – An Analysis

Have you ever noticed that many of the top real estate agents in your area put a home on the market and have it sold in a few short weeks while most agents’ listings linger on the market for several months and almost all For Sale By Owner homes just don’t sell at all? If you’re looking for more tips, ugly houses has it for you.

All 3 are advertising in the same place, the same papers, and on the same internet sites like and But top agent properties are selling, and others aren’t even getting showings… let alone offers!

These top agents have developed a technique and skill set that allows them to maintain a steady stream of qualified buyers for their listings. They get more traffic because of it, and that generates offers for their listings.

Their secret is simple! They’re patient and they know how to work the time-cycle of home buyers.

Simply put, home buyers don’t buy on a whim. It’s a long, drawn out process for them that usually lasts around 6 months… but can take as much as 2 years for some.

The process is divided into 3 major stages.

Stage 1. DREAMER Buyers (100% of buyer leads)

This is the crowd that makes up most open house visitors, calls the most on real estate ads, and visits the show homes out there more. They usually aren’t pre-qualified with a lender, and they don’t really know what they’re looking for. You’ll identify them when they say “we’re just in the early stages”. They don’t know what kind of a home they will buy, and that’s the question they’re trying to answer.

Stage 2. GATHERING INFORMATION Buyers (50% of buyer leads)

These are the people who know that they’re going to buy, and they know what they’re going to buy. They’ve probably been to the bank to get approved, but there’s something stopping them from making that buying decision. Usually it’s a lack of market knowledge; they aren’t sure how to actually buy a home and they haven’t developed the knowledge and skills to identify good value in a particular home. But they definitely don’t have a time frame for their purchase.

Stage 3. RIGHT NOW Buyers (10% of buyer leads)

These are the gems. They know what they want, they’re approved to buy it, they can identify value when they see it, and they have a deadline to buy. If they walk into the right house… they’re going to buy it.

Most Realtors and almost all For Sale By Owner sellers are forced to work with the RIGHT NOW buyers, the ones who want a home this week or this month and aren’t already working with another Realtor. It’s this limited exposure to the buyers market that puts a damper on the sale of the home… fewer buyers!

The problem is that almost all For Sale By Owner sellers, and most agents as well, “write-off” people who are not ready to buy right now or in the near future. These sellers want to sell now and aren’t interested in a buyer who doesn’t want to buy now. So they keep advertising, keep marketing, and keep sitting open houses. This eliminates about 90% of the buyer inquiries that they get.

But when a Realtor understands that about 50% of the buyer inquiries will buy some day, and the agent develops a system to be there when those buyers are ready… they become so much more effective as an agent. They’re able to grab that buyer sooner, establish a relationship with them, and control their home buying process. This gives the agent the benefit of having a strong supply of buyers for their listings; while eliminating that buyer as a possible buyer for the For Sale By Owner and the other agents’ listings. When that buyer graduates from “GATHERING INFORMATION” to “RIGHT NOW”; the agent is already in place.

LAS Companies – Tips to Find the Right Real Estate Consultant

Real estate brokers play a myriad of roles, such as a salesperson, analyst, negotiator, business manager, buyer’s advocate, marketer, and consultant, to name a few. It is imperative for the buyers and the sellers as well to find a competent and reliable real estate agent for buying or selling their property in an efficient manner. Here are the most significant tips for zeroing in on one. If you’re looking for more tips, LAS Companies has it for you.


An experienced and reliable real estate agent will always be keen about updating the present knowledge and learn the latest strategies and market trends concerning the real estate business.


A trustworthy and reliable real estate agent is known to have a diverse and wide network of other professionals within the local market that one serves, which typically include other real estate brokers operating locally, potential sellers and buyers, home inspectors, appraisers, mortgage loan officers, etc.

Local housing market

An established and reliable real estate agent will always appreciate the nitty-gritty of the local property market and appropriately utilize the nuances of its pricing strategies to separate oneself from other players in the arena.

Elaborate information

Expect a good broker to pay enough close attention to every minute detail of your house. The person should be capable of doing all the necessary research work on the property to accumulate and organize all relevant information in an efficient and neat manner.

Engaging personality

An energetic and reliable real estate agent should possess a pleasing personality that can convince and assure both the parties.

Genuinely passionate about the job

Your agent should have a genuine interest in the real estate market as it makes an individual truly passionate about one’s job. You can find whether or not the person is faking it by discussing various topics related to the property market with your potential broker.

Use Mortgage Companies To Secure A Home Loan

Obtaining a mortgage remains the most secure form of financial transaction for the lender to individuals and businesses alike. Mortgage companies are specialized financial institutions that are engaged in the disbursal of loans for personal and commercial purposes. These loans are accompanied by a personal property or asset that is pledged as collateral on behalf of the borrower of the loan. If you’re looking for more tips, Mortgage Company near me has it for you.

This kind of loan is particularly useful in cases where the borrower does not wish to make the entire payment upfront. He however does have the resources that can make him a safe bet for the loan. In the event of non-payment of the loan, these collateral can be disposed off to recover the borrowed funds.

In addition to the primary function of financial assistance, they also provide some other services too. These include the latest mortgage quotes, calculation of regular repayable amounts and the quick approval of mortgage applications. Online loan application facilities that can provide for quick approval for mortgaging will go a long way in popularizing these services.

These money lenders offer two main types of schemes to borrowers and they are the Fixed (or rigid) Rate Mortgage (FRM) and the Adjusted (or variable). As the name suggests, in the former the rate will remain the same over the entire period of loan return. In the case of the latter, the rate will not be the same over the tenure of the loan. Other plans for interest rates on loans may vary from company to company, each with their own unique benefits to customers.

Lenders such as these offer a lot of choices and they can also customize them to suit particular needs of the customer. A good example could be the reverse type plans for senior citizens. In this kind of mortgaging, the spouse continues to have rights over the mortgaged asset after the death of one of the partners. In the eventual death of both the spouses, these businesses can dispose it off to repay any leftover amount of the loan. Loans for commercial purposes are also tailor made to suit each business venture.

Secured loans business today has a strong online presence and lenders have details of all their services, facilities and all the different mortgage loans on their sites. Tougher laws for the lenders include a lot of measures such as licensing for companies engaging in mortgaging and also putting in place an effective mechanism to weed out the fraudulent companies floating on the net. It is also aimed at eliminating unjust, uncompetitive business practices in this area.

Regulations require that institutions put into place effective strategies, policies and screening for address discrepancies in their consumer reports. It is in their interest to verify that the client has provided valid information. According to the guidelines, in order to protect themselves and their customers, these financial institutions are required to formulate policies that would immediately place red flags on clients that exhibit suspicious activities.