Once again the seasons have changed. People are preparing for the next few months, scheduling projects and thinking about the dreaded chore of cleaning their property or office building. Power washing is one of those projects that can be overwhelming. Tips on Choosing the Right Pressure Washing Company

While you can perform some of the work yourself often times it is best to hire a professional especially when it comes to larger projects or specialized cleaning like oil or grease stain removal, gum removal or very large cleaning projects. Oftentimes, finding a good contractor to perform these services can feel like just as much of a chore as the job itself. Wondering how to find a good pressure washing company? Here are the basics:

-Ask for a Referral – While it doesn’t always hold true your friends, neighbors and co-workers can be a good source.

-Search the Internet – If all else fails, “Google it.” A professional company will have some sort of web presence whether it is a website, Facebook page, Twitter page or Instagram feed. You should be able to find some basic information on several pressure washing companies here.

-Professional Appearance – Beware of “fly-by-night” companies and those claiming to be real companies. If they are a real company this will be evident on their Certificate of Insurance (see Item #5 below). Their employees, equipment, marketing materials, website and/or Facebook page should be professional. While these items may not be what you would choose if it was your own business it should look as if some thought has went into this and it is best if there is a cohesive look.

-Professional Attitude – This is a big one. You must be comfortable with those you hire. If they are late, don’t return calls or are rude chances are you are getting a very good glimpse as to what they will be like when they perform your service.

-W-9 & Insurance – A professional company should be able to provide you a W-9 so you can see their Tax ID (their businesses Social Security number), the type of company they are and where to send payments. They should also be able to provide a Certificate of Insurance. It is not unusual for them to have more than one Certificate of Insurance (COI) and while they might not have it on them when they are talking to you it shouldn’t be difficult for them to provide this to you. This certificate will show you what type of insurance they have and who the agents are. At a minimum your pressure washing contractor should have General Liability in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence ($2,000,000 aggregate), Automotive Liability and Worker’s Compensation. If you don’t think Worker’s Comp is important think again. If the contractor’s has employees on your site and they get hurt they could come to you for coverage. Worker’s Compensation protects against this.

-Discussion of the Project – The contractor should always discuss the project with you and be willing to answer any questions. They should point out areas that could cause trouble or be forthcoming on items they don’t think they can help you with. It’s always better to have these conversations up front.

-Complete Written Estimate – When everything complete they should provide you with a written estimate and some sort of guarantee of their work. If you don’t get something in writing don’t work with them.

Hiring a contractor of any type can be a stressful chore, but if you spend the time to follow these steps you will have a good chance of being happy with your decision. Once the work of hiring a reputable pressure washing company is done you can move on to better uses of your time and know that your pressure washing needs can now be met with a simple phone call.