Kelly Vision Center – Finding a Good Surgeon

Laser eye surgery can be a life changing procedure, but it comes with a high price tag. Therefore it is not surprising that, for many people, cost is a factor when choosing a laser eye practitioner. However, as the correction made to your vision will be permanent it is essential that cost should not be one of your main criteria for choosing a surgeon and that you know how to go about finding a reputable clinic.Check Kelly Vision Center

Choosing an experienced and well qualified surgeon will increase your chances of getting the most pleasing results. In most instances laser eye surgery will improve the patients eye sight to an extent where they no longer need glasses, although poor night vision is a common side effect of the procedure and glasses may be required for driving after dark. But most patients do not end up with perfect 20/20 vision, due to slight under or over correction. Excellent results are also quite difficult to achieve in patients with very poor eyesight. The nature of laser eye surgery means that there is no guarantee of great results but a skilled surgeon makes patient satisfaction more likely.

Using a good laser eye practitioner will also reduce the risks involved with surgery. Lasik is popular due to a fast recovery time, but it is also riskier than other forms of laser eye treatment. Problems during surgery are quite rare, but occasionally the flap made in the cornea is damaged and becomes detached. Sometimes the surgeon can reattach this but in a few unfortunate cases the damage is too great and some sight loss is unavoidable.

Your first step in finding an experienced laser eye surgeon you can trust is to find a clinic with a good reputation. Be wary if a clinic makes grand claims that sound too good to be true, such as ‘perfect 20/20 vision guaranteed’ or ‘perfect vision or your money back’. You should spend a lot of time researching laser eye surgery before you start contacting clinics, so you are aware of the realities of the procedure and can spot clinics which over deliver on their promises in a cynical ploy to part people from their cash. The best clinics are the ones that are honest about the risks and the results you can expect from surgery, and who will tell you the negative aspects as well as the positive.

Contact as many clinics as possible before selecting one. After disregarding the clinics which seem less reputable, cost is going to be the biggest consideration for most people. But it is also a good idea to consider what equipment each clinic uses for the procedure, as this will vary. Ideally you should opt for a practitioner who has the most up to date technology and whose equipment is FDA approved.

Go to your initial consultation with a list of questions prepared, to establish how experienced the surgeon is. As well as qualifications and training you may wish to ask how many procedures he has performed, particularly in the type of laser eye treatment (for example Lasik) that you have opted for. A good surgeon will be very thorough in explaining how the surgery is done, what the risks are, what side effects may occur post-operatively and what level of improvement you can reasonably expect in your eyesight.