Reason To Use Mobile Bar Hire For Wedding Needs

More and more people are planning their weddings and even their receptions in the great outdoors instead of hiring a venue for the occasion. This is quite simply because it saves money, and allows you to spend more on other areas (or just cut back altogether – weddings are already particularly expensive occasions). It’s also really lovely to use somewhere which means something to you. If you’ve grown up near the South Downs or the Norfolk Broads then it’s great to have these landmarks as a backdrop to your big day.

When you plan your own reception or your wedding ceremony itself in a venue which isn’t usually equipped for such events, you’re going to need to sort out everything you need, from mobile bar hire to seating, and a contingency plan for when the weather inevitably turns

With all your favourite people in one place, you’re going to need to think about what they will need.

Sorting the venue

Even though you aren’t having a venue in the typical sense, you will still need a bit of shelter for your guests. This is likely to be a gazebo of some sorts, depending on how many people are in your wedding party. This is the equivalent of booking the venue, so just like if you were planning a reception in a town hall you want to make sure you can do what you want to do when you want to do it, and that you can afford everything.

Food and drink

Food and drink is a big part of the celebration, and so you want to make sure you get it right. This means mobile bar hire, catering, and a waiting staff or a buffet area. If you don’t get these things sorted, you’ll end up with friends and family who have potentially travelled a long way getting tired and hungry.

You need to find a company offering mobile bar hire. While some may be able to provide a bartender as well, others might simply provide the equipment, and it will be down to you to hire someone for the day. You might also be able to do this through the catering company which you’re using for the dinner, otherwise contact a local temp agency and explain the situation.

Once you’ve arrange the mobile bar hire and someone to run it, you will need to decide how you want the bar to be run. Are you buying all the drinks and running what is essentially a free bar? Are you putting a tab behind so that you’re providing a few drinks for your guests or do they need to pay for their own drinks?

You can manage the toast separately, as this traditionally provided so that everyone can toast the bride and groom.

So have you sorted everything you need for your outdoor wedding from venue to mobile bar hire? If not, now is the time to start planning!