If you reside in the city you do not really care about where to get potable water because water comes to you. However, if you dare to reside outside the city where you do not only grow crops yourself but you also need to look for potable water, then you might begin to wonder. well pump repair concord nc has some nice tips on this. Whether you are in the city or in the countryside the method of acquiring water from the ground is more or less the same. How? Water is brought up to the surface from the water table using water well pumps like jet pumps or submersible pumps.

However, the most common type of water well pump is the jet pump. A jet pump is typically mounted on a wall near the water source like a well. It raises water off the ground using a suction. How is the suction created? It is created with a centrifugal pump or a motor driven impeller. Water is then sucked from the well through the narrow opening of the pump or the jet. As the water is leaving the jet, a partial vacuum is then created to suck more water from the well. The water goes up through a series of tubes and then through the plumbing system.

A jet pump is ideal for shallow wells. This is often used if you live in an area where the water table is high. Unfortunately, if you live in an area where the water table is rather deep you may need to use a different kind of pump called the submersible pump. Unlike the jet pump that lifts water, the submersible pump pushes the water up.

A submersible pump is a long and cylindrical. Half of the pump is a sealed motor pump, which is then connected to an external power source and is controlled by a number of wires. The other half is made up of impellers stacked one over the other. These impellers move up and down thus pushing the water up to the surface.